Name Memoir
Joe Bonica
An early club member, was in the famous club photo behind the roadster, spent many hours working on the club drag car and was in the pit crew at drag races.
Dick Foster
Attended first gathering of guys interested in starting a club in April, 1957. First car was a 1950 Ford Tudor mild custom which he drove to school daily.
Dave Bailey
Attended first gathering of guys interested in starting a club in April, 1957 on the front steps of Waltham High School. Hung out at first club garage during summer of 1957.
Ken Bardsley
Worked on cars for years in his home garage in Waltham. He owned and maintained the Alevo XX circle track stock car. After learning that Ken had always wanted to be in the Push Rods and that he was battling cancer, he was accepted into the club in the mid 2000's. He passed away within the year.
Paul Novello
A club member in the early 1960's, bought Jack Dempsey's chopped and customized 1950 Merc and drove it several years. In 2007 he returned from Florida to rejoin the club and help celebrate the club's 50th anniversary in Waltham. Unfortunately, a couple years later, Paul was struck and killed while crossing a boulevard in Florida.
Carl Carpenter
Had a long history in hot rodding as a builder, driver and speed shop owner. In 1952 he was a founding member of the Piston Pushers who soon became the Ty-Rods. He and partner Jack Nash built and drag raced the '34 Ford "400 Jr." coupe which they took to the first NHRA Nats in 1955. In 1970 Carl bought a new 'Cuda which he used just for drag racing for only a few years. The 'Cuda was kept in his barn until it was restored in the early 2000's. Carl still had the car when he passed away in Sept., 2014. He was a member of the Push Rods since around 1996.