Cruisin' New England

This Hot Rod show buisness, both on and off of television, also has their own magazine that they publish. This year they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary. They sponsor themselves with magazines, their own tv show, and some other cool stuff.

Hop Up Magazine

Hop Up is a monthly online e-zine that talks to the building, use, and study of traditional hot rods and custom cars. Use might be the key here. These monthly installments can be crass and certainly irreverent but are only partly tongue-in-cheek. If we say it, we mean it.

Jalopy Journal

The Jalopy Journal was formed just a few years later to spread the gospel of traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms to hoodlums worldwide... We wanted to be the voice of the working man, a tool in the toolbox of the guy that does it himself, and a place where citizen journalists could show the "big-time" media a thing or two. We haven't done it all yet, but we aim to in time...

Kustoms Illustrated

Kustoms Illustrated is the only magazine dedicated 100% to traditional style Lead Sleds! Every 64 page issue is jam packed with photos, articles , news, artwork, and event coverage pertaining strictly to 40's, 50's, and early 60's style custom cars.

Rodder's Journal

In each issue you will find a carefully crafted blend of traditional hot rods, classic customs, early drag racing, the best newly built cars, and the rich personalities behind one of the world's most unique and passionate pursuits.

Street Rodder

Hot Rod magazine with yearly subscriptions. Talking about parts, hot rods, technology, and events that they get involved with, with a wide variety of Hot rod advertisements.

Wood Square Design

At Wood Square Design, they specialize in small to medium sized screen printed orders. They offer In-House printing up to 3 color designs with quick turn around time.